Pabu Doll 2014

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a Pabu doll, but last year I got a request for one through my Facebook page by a sweet cosplayer named Natasha. I don’t normally take on Pabu commissions since he’s so complex to make, but she contacted me at the right time and was willing to wait for me. Last night, I finished making him and this morning snapped a few photos. I hope this cutie makes you smile(^-^)

Norfolk Mermaid Dogs Sticker and Button Packs

I released two brand new items in my shop today: Norfolk Merdogs sticker and button packs! The button pack is $6.50 and the sticker pack is $9.50. Both packs come with all three merdogs: Merpug, Merboston, and Merfrenchie. More info is available on the listings:


Shlii Is Back on Storenvy!


I decided to redesign and open my Storenvy shop. I love how much you can customize the look and colors of your storefront and the smaller amount of fees on Storenvy. Their customer service is also pretty awesome :) I hope you like the new look! ^-^

If you’d like to check out my new shop, here is the link: 


Coming Soon: Dango Plushie Pattern & Tutorial

cute-dango-plush-handmade-by-shliiI’ve had so many requests to release my Cute Dango plushie pattern, that I’ve decided to add it to my Etsy shop. It’ll only cost $3 and include a detailed photo tutorial plus easily printable pattern. I’m going to include my regular size pattern, which finishes at about 5.5″, and a mini version if you want to make dango keychains.

This will be my second plushie pattern/tutorial release. The first one I made, the Baby Umbreon plushie, I posted onto this blog for free. This time around I’m hoping to aid my craft business with the fee; even though it’s small it’s appreciated for the time and effort that went into making a successful pattern and putting together a thorough tutorial :)

I will post the link here when it’s ready, so be on the lookout for it :D