Winter Soldier Plushie

After I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I immediately knew that I wanted to make a Winter Soldier plush. But of course, I couldn’t just make any ol’ Winter Soldier! So, heavily inspired by memes, I present to you: Grumpy Winter Soldier Cat!

Grumpy Winter Soldier Cat stands about 10″ tall and is handmade entirely of fleece. I sew on the facial and “metal” arm features, and the red star is permanently adhered with Fabric Fusion. After stuffing the doll, I hand-sew the tail onto the body. This doll takes me about five hours to complete and is now available in my Etsy shop, $30 + shipping.


Sailor Moon Excitement!

The date is getting closer…and the closer it gets the more excited I become! The Sailor Moon Crystal anime will begin streaming worldwide in July *stifles fangirl screaming* That’s only a few months away!!

When I first heard that they were going to revamp the Sailor Moon anime, I was uneasy about it. I know most of us have so many memories of coming home from school and watching Sailor Moon and.. uhh pretending a frisbee was a tiara and “practicing” that perfect throw in the backyard..(hopefully I wasn’t the only one lol). I also read some of the manga in school, borrowing from different friends. Later in life, I re-watched the anime in Japanese online and LOVED it so much more than the English dubbing.

So yeah, many of us hold Sailor Moon near and dear to our heart^-^ I was immediately excited to see the anime in a more modern animation style, but I wondered if they were just going to redo the original anime. Now that they’ve revealed that they’re starting from scratch and adapting the manga..THRILLED! I love everything about this, and I can’t wait to watch!

The image released on the official website is absolutely stunning, and if you haven’t seen it yet here’s the link:

And all of this is, of course, reigniting my desire to do a Sailor Saturn OR Sailor Mars cosplay, which I’ve always wanted to do!! :3

Brand New Yeticorn Variant!

I’ve had tons of requests for a blue Yeticorn! Well, a few weeks ago I ordered an adorable faux fur color that I’m calling “Frosty Blue”. It’s a lovely baby blue color with very cool variations in highlights and shadows depending on the lighting. So, now I make Yeticorns in lavender, cotton candy pink, and frosty blue \(^-^)/ I have a show coming up on April 26th & 27th, so I hope they find some loving homes!

Available online at ShliiKawaii

Pabu Doll 2014

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a Pabu doll, but last year I got a request for one through my Facebook page by a sweet cosplayer named Natasha. I don’t normally take on Pabu commissions since he’s so complex to make, but she contacted me at the right time and was willing to wait for me. Last night, I finished making him and this morning snapped a few photos. I hope this cutie makes you smile(^-^)