How to Make Amigurumi for Beginning Crocheters

A few days ago I finally jumped on the bandwagon and learned how to crochet. Obviously, there was only one reason I wanted to learn how to crochet: amigurumi. The purpose of this article is to provide you with links so that you can learn as quickly as possible. I had to do several Google searches to finally understand how to crochet, so now my research is collected into one place for you!

“Amigurumi” is Japanese for something knitted or crocheted. The designs start with a magic ring, a way to start crocheting in the round, and use singe crochet. I actually haven’t tried the magic ring method yet; I’m still using the “chain 2, sc in 2nd chain from hook x6″ method. If that looks Greek to you, then this article should help a lot. With amigurumi, you build shapes by increasing and decreasing a spiral.

Learn How to Crochet

The most effective way to learn is by reading instructions in addition to watching instructional videos. lists a full crochet tutorial with illustrated instructions and easy to follow videos. To keep things simple, only read instructions #1-8 and watch the first few videos. This will teach you how to chain stitch.

>>LionBrand’s Learn to Crochet Link

Learn How to Make Amigurumi

Once I went through LionBrand’s tutorial, I had a hard time finding a useful tutorial on crocheting in the round and how to make amigurumi for beginners. Then, I stumbled upon WireMySoul’s wonderful video tutorials on YouTube. For the repetitive sections she crochets pretty fast, so just pause the video to catch up. Here is the list of videos you should watch:

Crochet Tutorial: Amigurumi (Part 1)

Crochet Tutorial: Amigurumi (Part 2)

Creating Amigurumi 1 – Magic Loop & Double Ring

Creating Amigurumi Episode #2


At this point, you know how to make amigurumi. Don’t worry if you’re really bad at it. The more you practice, the better you get. I find that each time I crochet I’m gaining more understanding and cleaner stitches.

Last night, I experienced a set back. I was watching a subbed anime and trying to crochet at the same time. Now, that may be easy for an experienced crocheter, but like I said, I learned how to crochet a few days ago. I was almost done with the pattern to make the doll’s head, when I realized I had increased everywhere it said to decrease! I didn’t even realize the big tube I was making XD I guess for now, I should at least stick to dubbed while I’m crocheting…

Here are links to some super cute amigurumi patterns for beginners. I recommend trying them in order.

  1. Beginner Amigurumi Peanut Tutorial
  2. Chibi Style Amigurumi


Still having some trouble? Try going through this fantastic tutorial at Hook & Needles:

Amigurumi Tutorial 1