Anime-inspired Knitted Cosplay Hats

This is going to be a multi-part series about the subject starting with my interest in making them, leading up to how others can make them. Because of the skill set necessary in order to make these hats, there are quite a few steps to explain before we get there. For this reason I have decided to break it up into several entries as opposed to one long blog. I hope you find this helpful or at the very least inspiring in your own creative endeavors!

I started knitting about 6 six years ago after a miserably failed attempt to learn in my high school creative stitchery class, I decided to brave the needles once more. I have a love for making anything crafty, with an infinity for anything cute and of Japanese influence. This special interest led me to discover the joys of knitting Anime-inspired Cosplay hats!

Here is a picture of my first attempts. Upon completion I decided it had that lost little puppy dog quality to it, so I emphasized the look by way of embroidering on a pathetic little face. The next one I made I went with yarn easier to work with; the fluffiness of the yarn in the first hat made it kind of hard to work with, and this time I went without the embroidery. What I love about these hats is they are simplistic and versatile. I tend to stick to making Neko hats, that is, hats with cat ears. But you can switch it up by attaching say, fox ears for example, or horns, or no ears at all. You can have it be just the basic beanie, or add ear flaps and pom-poms. You can embroider funny faces on it like I have done. You can also knit it in colors inspired by a favorite anime, such as this Naruto-inspired hat modeled by the lovely Liz. The choice is up to you!

The pattern I came across comes from Debby Stoller’s first Stitch’n Bitch book, which, along with the internet, taught me how to knit. If you don’t have the book, there are several free patterns to be found online, just look up beanie knitting patterns. As previously stated, I wanted this entry to be an intro to the idea of making cute cosplay hats. For those who want to learn how, stay tuned for further articles as I delve into Knitting Know How for the Otaku. We’ll learn how to get started, general nifty tips like how to make pom-poms, everything leading up to how to make your own hat as well as exploring other anime knitting projects.

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    I look forward to the future posts in this series\(^0^)/ I would love to get back into knitting!