Chibi Totoro Plush Pattern & Tutorial

Chibi & Chu Totoro

Ever since I posted my Chu Totoro pattern, I’ve felt the urge to make all the Totoro! Today, I drew up a pattern for Chibi Totoro, the small, white creature in the movie My Neighbor Totoro. I decided to create a tutorial and make the pattern for our OtakuCrafts readers(^^).

Chibi Totoro Plushie Tutorial

Items Needed:

  • Small piece of black felt
  • Small piece of white felt
  • White fleece or fur fabric
  • Stuffing (such as Polyfil)
  • Chopstick
  • Black thread
  • White thread
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Chalk

Step 1: Print & Cut

Here is the pattern to be printed on standard 8.5″x11″ paper. Once printed, cut out all of your pattern pieces. Cutting out pattern pieces is my least favorite thing to do, but fortunately this pattern is very simple. The next steps are ordered by my personal preference, but you can complete them however you so desire(^.^)

Step 2: Eyes

Tracing the eye pattern onto fabric

I started with the eyes because they’re the most tedious part, and it’s best to get things like these out of the way. Trace the sclera pattern on white felt and the pupil pattern on black felt. You can place the pupil however you like, but I placed them slightly off center and toward the top of the sclera. Sew the black pupil onto the white sclera with a few stitches of black thread. Once the eyes are finished, set them aside for later. For a different look, you could try using black buttons for eyes.

Step 3: Body

Body pieces: Sew Darts

Sew along the highlighted line

Trace two body pieces onto the white fleece or fur fabric. Leave at least a 1/4″ seam allowance around your traced pattern. The first step in completing the body is to sew the darts. Once the darts are sewn, pin and sew the two body pieces together, leaving a small gap at the bottom to flip the piece right side out.

Step 4: Flip

Flip it right side out

Now you will use your beloved chopstick! Carefully flip the body piece so that it’s right side out. Use your chopstick to push out the folds in the ears. I usually gently press out all the seams with the backend of the chopstick.

Step 5: Stuff

Break out your stuffing and keep your chopstick on hand. Make sure you only use small pieces at a time to stuff so as to prevent a lumpy chibi totoro! Since the item is small, the chopsticks help push the stuffing up into the ears. One thing I noticed when I hosted a plushie demo is that many folks don’t put enough stuffing in. Stuff that sucker! Stuff it until stuffing is coming out the bottom hole. Of course, don’t stuff so hard that you bust the seams… Once the stuffing is peaking out the bottom, go ahead and close the hole with a ladder stitch.

Step 6: Attach Eyes

The way you attach the eyes is up to you. You can go the easy route and glue them on with fabric glue. Or, you can stitch all the way around the circumference. Or, you can combine those two techniques. I don’t like messing with glue so I just whipstitched around the edge with white thread. When I was finished going around an eye, I would pull the thread all the way through his body to the back. I knotted it where his tail is going to be. Now, isn’t your chibi totoro adorable?!

Step 7: Tail

Sew along the highlighted line

The final step! Trace your tail piece twice so that you have one wrong side and one right side piece. Cut them out, making sure to leave a seam allowance. Now, sew along the curve of the tail, keeping the back open. Flip the tail right side out and stuff it. Sew the opening closed and attach the tail to the body using a ladder stitch.



You now have a kawaii Chibi Totoro to keep you company!

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