Pabu Fire Ferret Plush

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share what my newest project will be: making a Pabu plush!!! If you don’t know who Pabu is, here’s an adorable screen:

Once I buy the fleece fabric, I’ll be putting this little cutie together and adding him to my shop. I can’t wait! If you’re as excited as I am and want to adopt a Pabu, please Like my shop’s Facebook page, Shlii, to stay updated on this project :D

Update ~June 21, 2012

I’m revealing my Pabu prototype this coming week on my Facebook business page ( ). The prototype will be made of fleece, and unfortunately, the main color is red since it’s all I have. Once I reveal the prototype I will take orders for the doll, which will be made out of the proper colors- minky and some faux fur. You can view the color palette of the fabric I’m going to purchase below. When I complete the prototype I’ll be able to name the price. Purchases will be “first come, first served” :)

Update ~September 2, 2012

I completed several Pabu dolls already and am slowly going through the waiting list :) Here are some pictures of him:

  • Batman

    i want one D:

  • Serpent Dragon

    Pabu is a RED PANDA!!!!!!!! It’s an endangered animal!!!!!!!! LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jaclyn Ashley

      I know what a red panda is XD Pabu is not a red panda. He is shaped like a ferret.

      • Apricot

        Pabu is actually a mixture of the two, as most animals in that world are. He’s both ferret and red panda.

        • Jaclyn Ashley

          True, just as Naga isn’t a polar bear or a dog, but a mixture. Doesn’t change the fact that Pabu is not a red panda as that person was “screaming” Lol