Anime Mid-Atlantic 2011: Saturday

I literally decided to go to AMA Friday night. I had forgotten it was this weekend until Mickel posted about it on Facebook. So, I wanted to get there when it first opened Saturday morning to get my money’s worth. Unfortunately, I also decided last minute to add some paw mittens to my Umbreon costume and threw them together that morning. It made me run a little late :/

When I first arrived, I had no idea where to go. I asked the first cosplayer I saw in the parking lot, which was Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts. I tried to follow his directions, but it was an epic fail. I ended up having to be guided by one of the staff LOL. Poor, confused Umbreon XD. After I registered, I wandered around for a while by myself until I ran into Xemnas again. I also met another Umbreon (big surprise, there was a ton of us). I decided to kill some time by going to the Pokemon DS Party until Mickel and Eva got there. Also, it just seemed like I was meant to be there…lol. Though, it was a little hard to handle since I had no one to laugh with once everyone started singing the Pokemon theme song. I was also embarrassed by my sad battling skills as the Umbreon beside me watched me play. He asked me if I had just graduated high school like he had, and I started laughing. “No, um, I’m 24. I’ve actually already been through college :D” “…Oh.” The Final Fantasy victory song started to play from my purse during the awkward silence. It was Mickel. Hooray! I met them in the Dealer’s room, and we all checked out the weaponry. I’ve never seen so many crazy swords! Not even at Nekocon. I didn’t end up buying anything, but it’s still always fun to look.

The next panel we wanted to go to wasn’t until 1:30, so we killed time by eating lunch in the hotel lobby while watching a sweet game of Super Smash Bros. After we ate, there was still plenty of time left, so we vowed to force ourselves to take pictures of cosplayers. I always feel embarrassed and awkward to ask people! “Um…can I take your picture?” Haha! Though, it’s the same feelings I get when someone wants a picture of me! I guess some people cosplay because they like having their picture taken. For me—I just love the creative outlet of constructing costumes and dressing up. It’s so much fun!

At 1:30PM, we attended the Voice Acting Panel. I thought it was very interesting that all of their advice and experiences sounded so familiar to me, being in the graphic design field. I’ve heard their words from my art professors, and I’ve had similar experiences out in the field. I guess everything in the “art world” is the same: extremely competitive; you pretty much have to be crazy to pursue it; making it big or making a ton of money isn’t your focus—it’s your passion for the field that drives you. The panel consisted of Leah Clark, Chris Cason, Todd Haberkorn, and Amy Howard Wilson. They seemed like such a fun bunch, and I would’ve loved to go out and have a beer with them and listen to more of their stories.

Next up: the Eien Strife concert. They’re musically talented, but, to be honest, I wasn’t into the stuff inbetween acts. But, I know that most everything at a con is probably geared toward a younger audience XD. When they first let us enter the Event Room, they made everyone file in and sit down. Sitting? At a concert? We all sat through the entire first song until the bassist finally called us toward the stage. Strange.

There was about three hours to kill until the next panel, so we took more pics, drooled on merch in the Dealer’s room, and then ended up outside showing off our SWEET dance moves. LOL. We also ended up conversing with a cop about his thoughts on anime conventions and all the smelly creepers in attendance XD. During our convo, a kid walked up and was about to ask the cop a question, but when the officer turned toward him, he started stuttering and got all embarrassed and tried to walk away. But the cop was like, “Wait, I want to know what you were going to ask.” The kid was going to ask what he was cosplaying as. XD

At 7PM, we went to an extremely informative panel called, “Kabuki Fusion! How to do traditional Kabuki makeup styles with modern theatrical makeup”. I was so excited to learn everything I needed to know and more to do my Ulquiorra cosplay. I also took notes, so if you are planning on cosplaying a chara with a fully painted face, check out the instructions below. Of course, these instructions are for a character with a white base.

Kabuki Fusion! Notes

Step 1: Start with a clean, dry face. Smooth eyebrows with Mustache Wax and spray your skin with Barrier Spray.

Step 2: Apply and smooth out Clown White face paint. He recommended Ben Nye.

Step 3: Apply Super White Talcum Powder with a powder puff—apply heavily. Then, dust off extra powder with a clean, dry brush.

Step 4: Use (Ben Nye) Creme Colors for details, then set the details by applying a neutral/colorset powder. Dust off excess with a clean, dry brush.

Optional: If applying to body, do a finishing spray with hairspray.

Right after the Kabuki Fusion panel was the Reni Mimura concert. Reni and the Moe Moe dancers are so talented and adorable! I’m always impressed by her fast-paced dances and cute songs(^-^)

After the concert, I decided I should probably head home; I didn’t want to drive back too late. I said my farewells and disassembled myself for a more comfortable ride; driving with a big umbreon tail is very awkward!

I hope you enjoyed my overview of AMA 2011 Saturday, and I hope to see you at Nekocon! I will be there all three days, and will possibly have a booth in the Artist Alley. (^ ^)/