Wading through commissions to make Pabu plushies

Last week, I completed my first Pabu plush doll with the silky, soft minky fabric. He took me around 18 hours to make and measures about 36 inches long (including tail) and 11 inches tall. His eyes are handmade of clay and hand-painted. Facial details are all sewn by hand, but I’m fortunately able to use my sewing machine for body construction. Cutting the (EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE)fabric makes a huge mess and gets furry pieces everywhere XD All in all, Pabu is the most difficult item I’ve ever made, and yet he is so worth it because he’s adorable(^^)

Right now I’m working on twenty Stitch Bunnies for Pixopop, then a commission for a friend, AND THEN… I’ll be selling Pabu dolls! For now, I don’t plan on selling him on Etsy until I get through everyone on the waiting list. You can get updates about him on my Facebook page, shlii kawaii. Due to the high level of difficulty making this plush + the expense of fabric and supplies + the size, my Pabu dolls will be $85+shipping.

Over the weekend:

Stitch Bunny arms and bodies

Etsy order for a light pink dango

What’s On My Craft Agenda

Wow, I’ve been so busy! This week is intense since I’ve got a ton of work (from my actual job lol) in addition to my Etsy shop orders and commissions I need to get done. Right now I only have one Etsy order to complete- a custom, baby fox doll in lime green. But my commission list is pretty intense:

Current Commissions:

  • Character doll prototype for an upcoming iPhone game.
  • 20 (yes, TWENTY) Pixopop Stitch Bunny dolls
  • Pabu doll
  • Custom DC costumes for Barbie dolls- Zatana & Poison Ivy

I haven’t made any progress on my cosplays :/ BUT I just ordered some more fabric from Fabric.com so I’m pretty excited. Some of the fabric will be for my San cosplay, and the rest will be for all the Loki goodness I shall make. I’m planning on making a Loki plush, Loki  silhouette pillow, and Loki clutch/purse… Yeah…I’m a fan… Anyways, here’s an awesome photo of everything I made over the weekend and took to the post office this morning:

Cute Dango plush, Shiny Baby Umbreon, & a Bitten Onigiri

And here’s the fabric I’m so excited about:

Good night, Monday!

Cute Dango Plush

A few weeks ago, I finished Clannad: After Story. Twas an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. Every time I would cry during the series I’d say, “Stupid anime!” and cry some more. Haha! It really is a great anime, though, and I immediately fell in love with the dango song.

The song and adorable dango family inspired me to make some dango-esque plushies. I say “dango-esque” because they’re not exactly the same as what’s in the anime. Mine are all blushing and are shaped more like steamed buns. I would make them rounder, but I really like the flat bottom. They look so adorable up on a shelf or sitting on a desk. They also have a sturdy construction and are super soft, so they make great baby toys!

My dango plush are the perfect size- around five inches tall and five and a half inches wide. I sell them for $10 each in my shop.

Available Colors:

  • Twilight Lavender
  • Sweet Cream
  • Soft Blue
  • Cotton Candy Pink
  • Minty Green
  • Pichu Yellow

Would you like to adopt a cute dango plush? >>Visit shlii

First Time Craft Vendor at Greenbrier Anime Fest

I woke up on Saturday morning nervous yet excited— I would be vending for the first time! I arrived at the library around 9am and was surprised to see I was the first vendor to arrive. The friendly librarians directed me to the vendor location, and I was able to choose which table Tabi and I were going to use. Tabi arrived as my husband and I unloaded the car, and we all carried our boxes and storage tubs up to the second floor. Set-up went fairly smoothly thanks to my husband putting together the wire cubes and Tabi’s prior craft display experience.

Right when we finished setting up we perked the interest of some “potential customers” XD From 9 to about 3:30pm we had a steady flow of buyers; it was so exciting! I learned so much that day and want to share some tips to anyone who might try out vending:

  • Mentally prepare yourself, because you’re about to feel like a fish in a fish bowl. I’m not a shy person, but I’m an introvert, so being a “salesman” was completely out of my comfort zone.
  • Smile and greet people as they come up. Once again, out of my comfort zone haha
  • Everything that comes out of your mouth should sound very positive and convincing.
  • Display a “We Accept All Major Credit Cards” sign if you accept cards.
  • Display a price list and also have all prices listed on your items.
  • The first thing that people see is anything at eye level; if you’re using stackable cubes, the second level is what they see first.
  • Have at least 100 business cards on hand, because they go very quickly.
  • Bring a ton of $1’s, $5’s, and $10’s. But mostly $1 bills. I kept having to exchange with Tabi the entire day.
  • Have a calculator if you’re ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE AT MATH like me.
  • Display a “No Returns” sign. A guy brought back one of my items to me and wanted his money back so he could buy something from the table next to us. OUCH.
  • Have some kind of banner or table display with your company information.
  • Continually rearrange your items, because every time someone comes by and views your stuff it looks like a tornado came through your display LOL

I’m sure there’s more, but just so you know, I Failed at like all of these tips. I also tend to zone out all else when I’m talking to a customer, so I’m definitely going to have to work on that for when I have interest from multiple people at a time. Just keep in mind, if you’re like me and you’re not the salesman type at all, don’t worry! We can do it! I think with practice I will get a lot better, and I can’t wait for the next vending opportunity :D

Here are a few photos I took at the anime fest:

If you have any questions on something I didn’t cover, feel free to ask me! Also, if you’re interested about an item you see in our craft display, here are our Facebook business pages so you can message us about commissions or where to purchase our items online: