My First Pokémon Plush: Pichu

This is my favorite of all the plush toys I’ve made so far! This little pichu is 100% hand-stitched and made of black, yellow, and pink, (for his rosy cheeks), fleece fabric. His tail and ears are structured with a wire frame to keep them upright, and black buttons have been sewn on for his eyes.



Recent Projects: Kawaii Cozies

The first products I posted on my Etsy shop were a set of handmade plush cozies. The characters are my original designs. They look like little pocket monsters to me, but I can’t call them that (…pokemon?!…). Yesterday, I sold the bunny cozy. It was my first sell! I really hope she enjoys the product.

Over the weekend, I made a Bruins bear for my little buddy, Jacqueline. I handstitched the eyes, but due to a shortage of time, I used m sewing machine to applique the Bruins logo. It looks pretty sloppy, but I kind of like that “handmade” look. It gives it character! We watched the first game of the Boston – Tampa Bay series at our friends’ house. We enjoyed a huge, delicious feast of grilled vegetables and meat, but unfortunately, they lost the game!

New Project: Cute Neko Pillow

Tonight, I finally started working on my first neck pillow. It’s the u-shaped type that’s awesome for traveling. This first one is made out of purple fleece with kitty ears and appliqued fleece eyes and pink blush circles. On the back side of it, I am going to applique paw prints on both ends. I’ve only finished the face so far, and I think it looks adorable! I will post photos tomorrow.

I’m planning on putting this item up for sale on my Etsy shop. I am a little worried about shipping out a larger item. I haven’t looked at shipping prices yet, and I doubt this will fit in the small priority shipping envelopes and boxes that I have. Fortunately, several months ago I ordered the priority shipping pack from USPS so I’ll just have to figure out which one this pillow will fit into!