Introducing Katie-Rose

Hello! My name is Katie-Rose and I am a Japan obsessed, writer, daydreamer and adventurer from England. My obsession with Japan and Japanese culture started after a chance encounter with a magical, crime fighting, sailor-suited, school girl known as Sailor Moon. Like so many others I was enchanted by the spell of Japanese animation and it sparked off a passionate love affair with anime, manga and Japanese culture. For the past 13 years my love for Japan has expanded and grown. I have spent countless hours watching anime and reading manga. I have devoured every travel and reference book that I could get my hands on and have spent many a night trawling through pages and pages of information on the internet until the early hours of the morning..

For so long I studied and admired Japan from afar but it wasn’t until this year that I finally got to visit. After many hard months of saving and selling most of our belongings, my boyfriend and I had saved up enough money to embark on a 3 month adventure in Japan. Unfortunately our adventure didn’t quite go to plan and just 2 days after arriving in Tokyo, Japan was hit by the biggest earthquake the country has experienced since records began. I am currently in the process of retelling the story of my adventures in Japan on my blog, although I am sure many of my adventures and experiences in Japan will be shared on this website too because I want to share all the weirdness and wonders of this beautiful, crazy and unique country. After all, this website would not be here today if it were not for Japan and its ability to capture the hearts and imaginations of so many people with its pop culture.

I will finish this introduction now with a few questions (and answers!) that may or may not be of interest to you but are certainly relevant none the less.  

What is your favourite anime?
My favourite anime series is the Excel Saga which is side-splittingly hilarious. My favourite anime film is My Neighbour Totoro

What is your favourite manga series?
This is not so easy to answer. My top 3 at the time of writing are Gakuen Alice, Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei and Honey & Clover however this is subject to change :P

What is your favourite video game?
That would be The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time. That game is magical.

Why do you keep spelling things wrong like ‘favourite’ and ‘neighbour’?
This is a question I have been asked a few times by some American followers of my blog.
The reason I spell some words differently is because I am English/British and the British spelling of some words is different to the American spelling. If you want to see a list of these different spellings there is a Wikipedia page on the subject of British and American spelling differences here. It is pretty interesting.


Introducing Jason

So finally I got over my laziness and gathered the courage to introduce myself.. here goes nothing! (Don’t kill me Jackie!)

My name is Jason a.k.a kitsuneking. I’m a Graphic Designer/Illustrator attending SCAD for my BFA. My hobbies are drawing, basketball, and longboarding. I love RPGs and fighting games, which I play on a competitive level. I listen to all kinds of music but my iPod is mostly made up of jpop, kpop, hip hop, R&B, and electronica.

I’ve been a fan of anime ever since the first Toonami days and since then I’ve been keeping up with the most current shows. My all time favorite is Evangelion and Gundam 8th MS Team but mechs aren’t the only shows I watch. Everything is fair game aside from little girls and most harem shows. XD I try to attend cons whenever I can but most of the time it’s been Otakon, but I plan to eventually go to AnimeExpo, and both Comicons. Sadly I’m not a cosplayer or good with hands on stuff but I’ll try my best to contribute!


Dana101: Introduction to Me.

Hello everyone! My name is Dana, but you may call me Danabelle, Hanami, or Mrs. Kurosaki. Watching Tenchi Muyo & Sailor moon when I was younger got me into anime. (I used to want to be just like Ryoko.) The anime I just love? Gurren Lagann, Soul Eater, Death Note, Ouran HS, Bleach, & the list keeps growing. My musical taste is all over the place. I love Alt rock, Jrock, Kpop, indie, grunge, brit rock, it’s never ending. My favorite Japanese musicians are Gackt, Utada Hikaru, & Miyavi. & my favorite band of all time is MUSE. <3

A little more about myself.
I’ve been blogging off & on for a while now, but never to express my love for anime! ;) I am new to cosplaying, trying to get back into crafts, & have a thing for all things sparkle. I took a Japanese language class for a few years in High School (& my sensei LOVED to bring in recordings of Gackt performing for us girls. What a great sensei!). I like to color. I enjoy wearing a lot of black, hence why summer & I are frenemies. Romantic mangas like MARS, Marmalade Boy, & Hana kimi are my favorite to read. I’m a bit of a gamer. The type of games I play depends on my mood. I love first person shooter games like Doom & Bioshock, playing RPGs, & fun group games like Little Big Planet. My other interests are: painting, graphic design, decoden, sewing, hula hooping, Harry Potter, Rococo, French movies, & fashion.

Well, that is all I could think of saying in this here intro. I hope you all enjoy my future post here. Now let’s Otaku like we mean it! WHOO!