What’s On My Craft Agenda

Wow, I’ve been so busy! This week is intense since I’ve got a ton of work (from my actual job lol) in addition to my Etsy shop orders and commissions I need to get done. Right now I only have one Etsy order to complete- a custom, baby fox doll in lime green. But my commission list is pretty intense:

Current Commissions:

  • Character doll prototype for an upcoming iPhone game.
  • 20 (yes, TWENTY) Pixopop Stitch Bunny dolls
  • Pabu doll
  • Custom DC costumes for Barbie dolls- Zatana & Poison Ivy

I haven’t made any progress on my cosplays :/ BUT I just ordered some more fabric from Fabric.com so I’m pretty excited. Some of the fabric will be for my San cosplay, and the rest will be for all the Loki goodness I shall make. I’m planning on making a Loki plush, Loki ¬†silhouette pillow, and Loki clutch/purse… Yeah…I’m a fan… Anyways, here’s an awesome photo of everything I made over the weekend and took to the post office this morning:

Cute Dango plush, Shiny Baby Umbreon, & a Bitten Onigiri

And here’s the fabric I’m so excited about:

Good night, Monday!