Adventures in Nekoland: Nekocon 2011 Super Happy Fun Times

Now that I’m caught up on sleep and have come close to accepting reality, I’ll fill you in on how awesome Nekocon was this year.


It took about two hours, maybe more, for me to put on my Ame-Comi Robin cosplay. Dana got to our house before I finished getting ready ^^;. She sported a cute, comfy pikachu outfit. Her make-up was adorable! She loosely followed Michelle Phan’s anime eyes tutorial, and added false eyelashes to her top and bottom lashes. Kawaii!

Right when we got to the convention center and stepped out of the car, people on the balcony started yelling about Robin XD.

The walk from the car to the front doors made me realize that this was going to be a Very uncomfortable and painful day. 1. I was wearing heels; 2. My tights were slowly breaking my toes; 3. My leotard kept bunching up in the crotchal region; and 4. My thigh highs wouldn’t stay up no matter what. Fashion tape barely helped at all. T.T

So we walk into the front doors, I’m trying to adjust and hold up my thigh highs, and we immediately get “attacked” by cameras. It was kind of awesome. I got so much love for my cosplay; all of my hard work payed off! So many people told me I was the best Robin they had ever seen. That is so awesome!! But enough about me geeking out…

Dana and I hung out all morning, ate ramen in the car XD, then attended the “Moe Moe What!” panel. We found out what the definition of “moe” is: there really is no one definition. Dana acquired some delicious strawberry pocky from the speaker, then we moseyed on over to the Opening Ceremonies. After an adorable and hilarious video of BORN, we left the opening ceremonies to meet up with Mickel and Eva. …Commence 800 ridiculous inside jokes…

At 6:00pm we attended the Takuya Angel Q&A. We all felt so bad because not many people showed up, but at the same time we all got the chance to ask him questions. I loved hearing about his passion for music and fashion design and what inspires him to keep creating. He said to never give up on your dreams and to pursue them no matter what.

After the Q&A Dana and I changed into our danse wear. Mine consisted of a white tutu, striped tights, purple wings, and my Dungeon Hero X hat haha. And then it was Dinner time. We met the guys at Chili’s or Friday’s, I can’t remember which restaurant. It took forever to get a table, and suffice it to say, we were attracting a lot of attention due to our..interesting..attire.

After din din, we went to the Takuya Angel fashion show and dance. Just Fabulous. Lights, bass, neon colors, fur, loud patterns, claws. Ravers dancing down the runway wearing his amazing outfits. It made me happy… We danced a little, then Billy, Chris and I left around 1am.



Holy SORE Batman! My feet felt like they were going to fall off. This was the final and longest day I dressed as Robin. In one word: intense. I ended up having to cut the ends of my tights that evening since my toes were almost completely broken at this point.

We arrived around noon, and I immediately shuffled to the BORN Q&A. I found Mickel and Eva in attendance, which didn’t surprise me XD. We met up with Zach and Dana afterward. We ate a late lunch at Crapplebee’s. Seriously, guys. Don’t EVER go to the Applebee’s near the convention center. They straight up SUCK.

We sat in the Cosplay show for a few skits, then left after a particularly embarrassing one. I’m not going to describe it to you, but I was extremely embarrassed for the person. We then went to the Tainted Reality panel and learned about their upcoming comic, Fixer, which sounded pretty cool. They also did a few goofy contests with huge bags of candy as prizes. We were only able to attend the Takuya Angel Fashion panel briefly since the Batman photoshoot was at 7:30pm. I was glad that the room was packed for that panel, though, so I didn’t feel too guilty to leave.

Batman photoshoot. Epic. When Dana and I ran up they had already taken several photos. We jumped in and it was ridiculously fun. There were about four super heroes and a hundred villains XD.




That was definitely one of the highlights of Nekocon for me. Right after the shoot Dana and I changed into our comfy outfits. The white tutu returned.

And then BORN. So fun! They were so energetic, and I really liked their music. I wanted so much to wade to the front, but the closer you got the stinkier it got since con kids don’t know about personal hygiene…But that’s a topic for another day.

I had planned on going to the dance that night, but I was ridiculously hungry. Billy, Chris and I ended up leaving right before the dance. I still regret this, but at the time, I seriously needed FOOD.


I never ended up seeing Dana’s Blair cosplay or meeting up with Mickel and Eva. We didn’t stay too long. But I did get to attend the best panel I’ve ever been to: “Beyond Castles, Forests, and Bath Houses: The Philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki.” The speaker was amazing! I’m so glad I didn’t miss it, and I wish so much that my friends were able to go to it. After the panel, we made a couple more rounds through the Dealer’s room and AA. I ended up buying the most adorable shirt evahh! Red panda. Strawberries. Need I say more?

So, in a nutshell, that was my Nekocon experience. It was the best con I’ve been to thus far. Hands down. I’m looking forward to next year even more.

Nekocon 14. Starts Tomorrow.

Are ya ready kids? (cue in Spongebob theme song)…

So, as you can see from the ridiculous start of this post, I’m supah excited for Nekocon.

……I only wish my body felt the same way; I woke up yesterday with a wicked headache and have felt like crap ever since. My nose keeps leaking…lol……

I have some good news. I finally finished my Ame-Comi Robin cosplay:

So now I have to figure out how I’m going to carry my stuff with me all day (lil camera, cell phone, chapstick, emergency thread/needle/super glue, makeup) because a purse is out of the question. In fact, I can’t move much due to that huge, heavy cape hehe.

I think for tomorrow I’m also going to be using a ton of Spirit Gum and fashion tape XD This will be interesting…


Upcoming Event: Nekocon 14

Nekocon is a local anime convention held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA on November 4-6. This year’s theme is Steampunk. So far I have never made a costume relating to the theme, including this year xD Anywho, pre-registration ends this Wednesday, September 28, so if you want to save time and money instead of buying at the door, make sure you mail in your form and money before Wednesday.

Pre-reg Perks:

  • Early check-in Thursday night or get in the fast lane Friday/Saturday.
  • Save $10 for all three days, or save $15 if you get the group rate.
  • You will be entered into early membership contests.
Nekocon is hands down my favorite local con and easily beats out all the others in my opinion. It’s the perfect size; not too small, not too big. Their concerts are always a blast, and there’s always so much to do!
Highlights for this year include Voice Actor Leah Clark, Bandai Entertainment Inc. Producer Taku Otsuka, Funimation, Visual Kei band BORN, and Takuya Angel!
As you know, and everyone on my Facebook knows, I am frantically working on my Ame-Comi Robin cosplay to get it done for Nekocon. I’ve been posting updates here and there, including some tutorials based on my experiences. If you have any questions on making any cosplays or crafts, feel free to ask me!

Ame-Comi Robin Update, Sept. 25:

Legs: I’m almost finished with her thigh high boots! Well, actually, the way I’ve made them they’re not full thigh high boots. I’ve separated them into top and bottom parts, since the middle is covered by shin guards. The only steps I have left are to make the leather toppers and finish the yellow designs on the shin guards (I’m waiting for ordered supplies to come in).
Body: I finally started on two things I’ve been avoiding: her bodysuit designs and cape. I successfully drafted and tested out a cape pattern and you have no idea how good it feels to find a solution! What really helped me was a great cape-making tutorial I found on le web. I searched long and hard to find this tutorial, and it is unbelievably helpful. >>Here’s the link!

Same deal with the body pieces. I drew it all out on large sheets of paper, copied it onto my different fabrics, and started applying them to the leotard.

Hooray successful cape pattern!!!

For this entire costume I’ve combined techniques of using tacky permanent glue, Aleene’s Stretch Fabric glue, puffy fabric paint (which stretches!), velcro, and, of course, sewing. This cosplay has kept me on my toes since I am constantly having to find creative solutions for each and every part. I can’t wait to share pictures of a 100% completed Robin cosplay!

Ame Comi Robin Cosplay Update

No blog posts in almost two week… My bad ^^; But I do have a good excuse! On Sunday I came back from a week long vacation in Ireland. It’s my favorite place I’ve ever been in my entire life, and I’ve actually been to a lot of places in my twenty-four years. I now believe that Dubliners are the nicest people in the world lol. Besides Dublin, we also traveled to the west coast for a few days and visited Galway and the Cliffs of Moher. I can’t wait to post some pics of the trip!

Anywho, back to the topic at hand. I have two months left until Nekocon to finish my Robin cosplay!!! Kind of freaking out about it now..

Today, I finally finished my wig by sewing in a red weft. It was kind of an awful task and one I would not like to repeat anytime soon XD.

So, how do you sew a weft into a wig?

  1. Pin the wig onto the foam head.
  2. Pull back some hair so the mesh is exposed and clip the hair back.
  3. Pin the weft in place (or just struggle like I did).
  4. Start from one edge and sew all the way across to the other edge of the weft, lacing the thread through the wig’s mesh.
  5. Fin.
Sounds easy but it’s kind of a pain. I didn’t have any hair clips so I had to use a headband I had on hand. A headband with fox ears attached to it. XD
The final product didn’t turn out too bad. Here’s a pic of my finished Robin wig (sick face not included):
I will probably be posting more updates of this cosplay soon since I’m getting close to the “deadline” haha…

Update! Thursday, Sept 22:

After finishing my wig, I decided to work from the bottom up. I made boot covers for the first time. It wasn’t the worst thing ever, but it was still a lot of work! Sewing the covers was very easy, but attaching them to the boots was a pretty tedious task. The tutorial I read said to use a hot glue gun, but I just didn’t feel like it. Instead, I used Magna-Tac 809, which is similar to Aleene’s. It’s quick-drying so I didn’t run into any problems. If you have any Q’s on making boot covers just ask!

Click to view larger image.

I decided to make her thigh high boots in two parts, since the shin guards would cover the middle. Speaking of shin guards, I had to re-make them THREE TIMES because I kept making stupid mistakes T.T There is nothing worse than having to redo something lol. I still have to add on the yellow details but I’m waiting for the yellow bias tape to come in the mail… Right now I’m working on the top part of the boots. I swear, this is the hardest cosplay I’ve ever done! But I’m not giving up! Keep cheering me on :D Only a month left ’til Nekocon!!

Nekocon14 – Cosplay!

Ahhh, Nekocon. Land of the Hampton Roads Otaku. I’m very excited for it! This will be my second time going & I really want some awesome cosplays (so I won’t be sewing them, harhar). I thought I would also, (Jackie’s list here), share my list of cosplay plans.



Since it’s mandatory to get down on Fridays, my Friday cosplay will be Cirucci Sanderwicci from Bleach. AKA Arrancar #105. I loooove her outfit & her attitude. Learn more about her at the Bleach wiki :)




The second cosplay is Harley Quinn, so watch out Battie! This costume is going to be a dream come true to wear!!! I may also have a steampunk cosplay later this day since I am in love with that style, &  it is the theme this year.




Blair from Soul Eater! All the Spirit cosplayers in the house say yeeeah! I love this character so much. She is very fun, flirty, and cute. (Sound familiar? jk) I’m making my cat ears look like they can move on their own with this tutorial. Oh la la. So the party doesn’t stop when I’m not wearing the hat and working at Chupa♥Cabras. meow. Speaking of moving cat ears, check these out!

This cat’s ear shaped machine utilizes brainwaves
and expresses your emotional state before you start talking…




So there you are! Are you going to Nekocon? If yes, can’t wait to see you there!