Baby Umbreon Plush Pattern

To start off 2014 with a bang, I’m releasing my baby umbreon plushie pattern and tutorial! I no longer make these plushies but have had so many requests about them that I decided to post them for you all :) This pattern and tutorial are free for you to download. If you have any issues downloading, please let me know!

Baby Umbreon Pattern & Tutorial by Shlii

Materials Needed:

  • Stuffing
  • Black fleece
  • Yellow fleece or felt
  • Red fleece or felt
  • Fabric chaulk/marker
  • Scissors
  • Black thread
  • Yellow thread
  • Red thread
  • Yellow fabric paint
  • Black acrylic or fabric paint
  • Pattern: Baby Umbreon Printable Pattern

1. Print and cut out the pattern pieces. All pattern pieces include a 1/4” seam allowance. Trace pieces out onto your fabric as follows:

step 1 pieces2. Sew the two BODY SIDE pieces, Right Sides together, as shown in the picture:

step 2 sew body pieces


3. Sew both sides of the HEAD GUSSET to the head of the BODY SIDE pieces, Right Sides together. The rounded end (nose) of the HEAD GUSSET should be at the front and the pointed end at the back of the head:

step 3 sew gusset


4. Sew the BODY BOTTOM all the way around the edges. Take your time, fitting the leg pieces together. Remember to sew with Right Sides together:

step 4 sew bottom


5. Flip your plushie right side out. I usually use a chopstick or similar item for pushing out and stuffing limbs. Once your plushie is completely right side out, begin stuffing. Use small pieces of stuffing to fill the head and limbs:

step 5 stuff


6. Sew the back of the plush closed with a ladder stitch. Sew up the dart areas between the front legs and chest on both sides as shown. This gives the plush added support so it doesn’t fall face forward:



7. Now you will make the ears and tail. Sew appropriate yellow stripe pieces onto each ear and tail piece with yellow thread. Once the stripes are attached, sew two EAR pieces Right Sides together as shown in the photo. Leave the bottom open so that you can flip the piece. Repeat for the second ear. Complete the same process to make the tail. Flip your EAR and TAIL items. Stuff all three items and sew the openings shut:



8. Sew the ears to the top of the head with black thread. Sew the tail to your baby Umbreon’s backside. Your plushie should look similar to this:



9. Sew the eyes on with red thread. Trace the iris onto the eyes and paint the iris area with black paint. If you don’t have paint on hand, you can embroider the eyes.

10. Use your yellow paint to add rings to the forehead and limbs of baby Umbreon. If you don’t have yellow paint, you can embroider the rings with yellow floss.


Congratulations! Your baby Umbreon is now finished!


I recommend you Google what a ladder/hidden stitch is. It’s very helpful for closing up the plushie and attaching the ears and tail.

RS (Right Side): This means the good side of the fabric.
WS (Wrong Side): This means the back side of the fabric.


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baby-espeon-umbreonHere are a few great, free pokemon sewing patterns and tutorials I’ve found on the interwebs. Enjoy!

Many thanks to these awesome otaku crafters for providing such fantastic tutorials! I’ve put together two tutorials and made a ton of patterns, and it’s a lot of work! It takes a special person to provide so much for free, so show your appreciation by giving any credit where it’s due :)

If you are interested in making the baby umbreon in the photo above, I’ve listed my pattern and tutorial on here for free: Baby Umbreon Plush Pattern